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    Unanswered: Newbie at Access need a little instruction

    I am very very new to Ms Access.
    The project I have gotten myself on is to make a Form that calculates dollars and change.
    I am doing this for where I work, to give me something to do.

    This is what I want it to do. In the morning we would open up the form and as we count the register. The owner wants us to count everything as to how many we have like 47 quarters and 23 nickels 37 tens stuff like that.
    we would count the register, and input the number of what we counted in the text box. We were through it would have a total at the end. Then in the evening we would go back into it, to recount the register, and it would calculate everything and tell us if we were short or over.

    Now This is what I have so far.....
    I have all the Tens, fives, Twenties, labels with the input text box, and a corresponding calculating Text box, that works.
    I have the morning and evening sections working just fine.
    Now here is where I am lost
    I would like to save each day as a record with a date on the form, and somehow if possible be able to sum up a Total from every record. Like, if I have $1000 yesterday, it would take that total and add it to the total of today's.
    I hope I am not being too vague or confusing. And then be able to go back and check on different days if possible.

    Is that possible?
    or am I crazy?
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    Well as I understand you are looking for a starting Balance and Ending Balance concepts of Accounting. You will need a lot of programming as well as database design experience to pull something like this. You will need tables which you will update by kicking off custom functions that will summarize and update the table with these summaries by date. Then you will need more functions to call these summary data for your starting balances. Quite confusing but simple if you get the hang of it.

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    have you thought about using excel at all.

    About a year ago I did a very similar system for my employer in excel rather than access.

    unfortunately i don't have an example to show you but all you have to do is create a template and enter formulas such as a1-a2=Variance total

    i find excel to be a lot easier and more user friendly with dealing with numbers

    any questions feel free to message me

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    Storing the counts shouldn't be too difficult. A simple way to do it might be... (and YES, I know this isn't super normalized or anything, but it's not really necessary either)

    Create a table with a record for each count, so your primary key would probably the date along with a field indicating morning or evening, or something like that. The field values would then be the number of each of the bills/coins. You can always calculate the value on the form or in a query.

    Khan is correct that starting and ending balances aren't fun, but you should only have to make them as complicated as you want. What I am missing in your explanation is how you track what the receipts for the day were so you have a way to compare the ending balance to the beginning plus/minus the day's receipts, and thus what exactly it is that you would need to be summing over time.

    Let us know what you're looking for and we can help you out.

    Good luck!

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