Hello i am pretty new to this so go easy on me.

I have a working db with a php front end, the query to view the data works fine. As does the query to update the records (most of the time) during testing i have discovered for no reason that i can see when you update a record it creates a duplicate record. When i view the database throught the mysql admin there are 2 records that are the same. If i go and edit the 1st record with the web front end it updates both any ideas as to why this is ?

I know the 1st answer i get will be to use a unique key of some sorts but i have no fields that could be unique (at least not currently)

Ok here is my theory for a unique key that i need.

I have a user ID week number and Year each ID should only have one entry per week per year
but each ID will have multiple entries per year
so i thought of ID+week+year would be unique so i need to know how (assuming its possible) to take 3 fields and combine them in to one field called key
the 3 other fields are called cse_id week_no and year