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    Unanswered: creating database from excel

    I have all my info on excel files and want to put this in a database form on my website.
    What i need to do is create a database that customers can buy from
    find the part they need for say a Ford 1.6 1989 escort then click on the front pads and buy through the store,
    now the big question here i dont want to spend hours,days,months manually
    doing this is there an easier way as there is a lot of info as you can imagine as it is for every make and model of cars in the uk

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    Creating a new Access database from an Excel spreadsheet

    Are you wanting to create an Access database and use ASP or ASP.NET for use on a website? I am afriad that I, personally, have no knowledge of creating a database-driven website (but I am trying to learn) but this may help point you in the right direction, I hope!

    If you are new to Microsoft Access, check out this link.
    Design Access databases with normal forms and Excel


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