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Our May/June Specials are packed with features and value

Deasoft Cpanel Shared Hosting Plans
  • Starter Plan
  • 250 MB Space, 5 GB Transfer
  • *$2.10/m or *$21.10/y
  • Intermediate Plan
  • 500 MB Space, 10 GB Transfer
  • *$3.55/m or *$35.35/y
  • Advanced Plan
  • 750 MB Space, 15 GB Transfer
  • *$4.95/m or *$49.65/y
  • Expert Plan
  • 1000 MB Space, 25 GB Transfer
  • *$7.10/m or *$71.40/y

Deasoft WHM Reseller Hosting Plans
  • R1 Plan
  • 1000 MB Space, 20 GB Transfer
  • *$11.40/m or *$102.55/y -> (which works out to ~$8.55/m)
  • R2 Plan
  • 2000 MB Space, 40 GB Transfer
  • *$18.55/m or *$166.85/y -> (which works out to ~$13.90/m)
  • R3 Plan
  • 4000 MB Space, 60 GB Transfer
  • *$28.55/m or *$256.90/y -> (which works out to ~$21.40/m)
  • R4 Plan
  • 6000 MB Space, 100 GB Transfer
  • *$39.95/m or *$357.20/y -> (which works out to ~$29.75/m)

Server Spec's
  • CPU: Intel DUAL XEON 2 x 2.4 Ghz CPU's.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Multiple Network Providers for added Redundancy
  • Datacenter - The Planet / Server Matrix

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All prices quoted in $US
*denotes that due to currency fluctuations prices may varying slighty.

Free Hosting offer

We are currently offering Free Hosting to anyone with a website that is getting 200+ unique visitors per day. In return we ask you allow us to either pur a text link on your website saying we are your websites sponsor or a small banner of some sort - your choice. We will host you for as long as your website continues to get 200+ unique visitors per day and you have the text link or small banner on your website. Text links would be something of the form:
"This Website is Proudly Hosted by:"
Note we will not accept any Adult Orientated websites.
If interested email your request to
Please include the following details:
-Working Website URL:
-Average Unique visitors/day
-Required Disk Space