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    Question Unanswered: Connecting MS Access to a web service

    Hi all

    I am working on a website written using .NET, hosted on IIS and having a SQL Server db. The whole app and db is hosted by an ISP.

    We were thinking of using MS Access for our ad-hoc reporting. However, due to security considerations, the ISP will not allow access from MS Access to the SQL Server db (fair enough), but obviously the website side is accessible over http.

    I was wondering if there was some way for MS Access to sort of connect to our website via SOAP or some sort of web service in order to run queries and return results?

    I imagine that in many setups, desktop PCs running MS Access are not allowed to connect directly to a SQL Server database (to link tables). How do people get around this problem, other than by getting a copy of the live db and running the MS Access reports against the copy?


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    Hi Matt

    could you find a solution about connecting ms access to a web service?

    please share your experience with us.


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