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    Unanswered: Next extent is large

    Dear all,

    This is the error message

    US37: NextExtentTooLarge: Type:TABLE SUPERADM.DC_SHIPMENT_DETAIL_REPORT Ts_NamePR_D_02 Ext:9 MaxExt:505 Next(MB):256.2890625 Size(MB):502.578125 PctIncrease:50

    Could you plese explain me what are the things i need to take inorder to
    resolve this issues.


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    I'm not sure if it'll help, but let me try: I faced such a problem during import of a large table into a clear database (after its re-creation). It had several extents and, due to large pctincrease parameter (like yours) next extent was too large.

    What did I do? Luckily, I was able to create a table using CREATE TABLE statement as I had a source file (fixed storage parameters first) and then imported data into it (using IGNORE=Y).

    P.S. I don't recognize the code "US37" ... where does it come from?

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    your table needs an extent of 500MB must fit into a single chunk within that tablespace ..
    oracle no longer recommends the use of pctincrease as of 7 something...
    because extents of odd sizes fagment your tablespace to many chunks that can't used any more because many next extents don't fit into this chunks.

    you can pipe to sql stmts of your exp.dmp file to a textfile and then edit the pctincrease and next and even the extents you are going the allocate first ...

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