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    Thumbs up SwisSQL- SQLOne Console - converts SQL queries from one SQL dialect to another

    SwisSQL- SQLOne Console

    DBA/Developer tool to convert SQL queries from one SQL dialect to another

    AdventNet SwisSQL offers SQLOne Console, an easy to use Graphical user interface tool to convert SQL queries from one dialect to another. DB Administrators and developers working with multiple databases can just type a query in one SQL dialect and view the equivalent query in different databases’ dialects. It supports Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ANSI-SQL SQL dialects.The product is available in both Java and Visual Basic Editions.

    Features and Benefits:

    * Assists DB Administrators and developers to gain instant domain expertise in different SQL Dialects

    * SQL Migration in database migration projects made easy.

    * Support for both DDL and DML statements which include Select, Update, Insert, Create, Alter and Delete, Drop statements.

    * Ability to load SQL queries from a file.

    * Ability to save the converted SQL queries.

    * Ability to test the SQL queries in different target databases

    * Support for Indentation of SQL queries and enlarged view of the converted SQL query and Result Set.

    * Simple and efficent tool that increases the productivity by understanding multiple dialects instantly.

    * Cost effective solution tailored to instantly produce results for DB Administrators and developers

    SwisSQL-SQLOne Console is available for 30 days free evaluation along with free support. You can download the product from
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