AdventNet SwisSQL-DataMigration Edition

Data And Schema Migration Across Databases

AdventNet SwisSQL offers a powerful and flexible DataMigration tool that can be used to migrate database structures and data across industry's leading databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and MySQL. The tool provides flexible, extensible and rapid data migration across databases ensuring data integrity with no loss of data.

Features and Benefits:

* Supports migration of schema and data across Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL databases.

* Migrates Tables, Indexes, Constraints along with Data.

* Supports migration of Procedures, Functions, Triggers when source and target databases are same.

* The tool will automatically identify dependencies between master and child tables and creates them in the right order i.e., it creates primary key column tables first and then will create the foreign key column tables depending upon them.

* Provides support for both ODBC and JDBC connectivity

* Provides configurable options to choose the migration of tables, indexes, view and data separately.

* Easy to Install and Easy to Use tool with user friendly & intuitive Graphical User Interface.

* Detailed and Summary Reports generated for each Migration done.

SwisSQL-DataMigration Edition provides a 30 day free evaluation along with free customer support. AdventNet provides excellent support to its customers right from product evaluation till the successful completion of their migration project.

You can download the product from