SwisSQL - Database Stored Procedure Migration tools

- Automated Database Stored Procedure Migration Tools

AdventNet SwisSQL product suite offers automated database migration tools, which enables migration of complex Stored procedures implemented specific to one database to any other database. Stored procedures migrations are supported across databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB and Sybase. It supports conversion of procedures, functions, triggers, cursors, SQLs and other complex constructs of any Stored procedure language. The tool automates up to 90% of the manual tasks associated with any stored procedure migration saving time and cost involved in database migration projects.

Features and Benefits :

* Automatically Converts Database objects like Procedures, Triggers, Tables and Views across databases.

* Automates up to 90% of stored procedure conversion.

* Efficient code generation with Minimal Manual Intervention required.

* Helpful Comments In the Generated Code & Easy to Debug Generated Code.

* Easy to Use Graphical User Interface with support for:
- One click conversion of Stored Procedures.
- Fetching Database object model from database and converting. Also supports conversion of source files from local the machine or Versioning system.
- Comprehensive reports for each and every conversion performed using the tool.
- Project driven organization of the converted code to ease maintenance.

The following database migration combinations are currently supported:

** Stored procedure migration to Oracle
- SQL Server to Oracle migration
- DB2 to Oracle migration
- Sybase to Oracle migration

** Stored procedure migration to SQL Server
- Oracle to SQL Server migration
- DB2 to SQL Server migration

** Stored procedure migration to DB2
- Oracle to DB2 migration
- SQL Server to DB2 migration
- Sybase to DB2 migration

** Stored procedure migration to Sybase
- Oracle to Sybase migration

** Stored procedure migration to Java
- Oracle to Java migration

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