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    Unanswered: write in and read from My_File.txt

    Hi ..
    I want to Write in files or read from files
    for example i have My_File.txt . i need a syntax and i want to call this syntax in my Store procedure and this syntax write forexample " Hello Word " in My_File.txt .
    and i want another syntax that read from My_File.txt forexample "Word" from My_File.txt . what are those syntaxes do that ??


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    xp_CmdShell lets you run shell commands from an sql script...(you need proper rights)


    EXEC xp_CmdShell 'type MyFile.txt'

    displays the contents


    EXEC xp_CmdShell 'echo ' + @MyData + ' > MyFile.txt';

    should write to it... use >> to append to the file.

    There might be a better way to do this..

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