Hello People!
I have two problems I would like your help with

1 - I get this error: "Cannot enter value into blank field on "one" side of outer join". That happens in this situation: I have one form when I can add several detais for example I have a CPU form, where there are items like Motherboard or Video for example. Both are separated tables, then what I do is on this "CPU" form I allow users to add more 'Video boards" or "Motherboards" and use the requery command on the combo to refresh what has just been added. That is all right and it works...
THen then I want to add monitor, which is another table liked by User, just like CPU, I get that message. For example user 205 had a certain CPU and a certain monitor.
That error only happens when I add on that particular register had to add for example a video board that was not on the list, therefore I had to add that and use the requery command.
Does anyone knows why this happens?

2 - How to I pass parameters from one form to another? I am passing them on a button and I thought that might be causing my problem to...
I use this on the CPU form:
stDocName = "Monitor"

stLinkCriteria = "[usr_id]=" & " ' "&Me![usr_id] & " ' "
if usr_id <> "" then
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria
user_CPU.requery {I use this to refresh the use table from this CPU form}
Computer_mnt.usr_id = Computer_cpu.id

End if

What Am I doing wrong?
Could somebody please help me, I fell all lost ... ;-(