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    Unanswered: Crystal Report export to Excel

    Hi all,
    I open a Crystal Report (created in v.7 and then reopened and saved in v.8.0) in my VB.6 application with Crystal Report Viewer and try to export it to Excel 2000 or XP on a Windows 2000 or XP station . It creates an empty Excel file (0 bytes). It works properly on a station with Windows 98 and Office 2000. Please advise.


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    If you look at the drop down list of export file formats you may find that there are more than one .xls formats to choose from. The copy on our network has Excel 5.0, Excel 5.0 (extended),Excel 6.0, Excel 6.0 (extended),Excel 7.0, Excel 7.0 (extended),Excel 8.0, Excel 8.0 (extended).

    So, you can see I have a lot of options.

    Since you mentioned that you have an older version of CR. ( 7.0 ) , it is possible that the format for .xls for 2000 and XP editions isnt avail, or installed on your system.

    This maybe a question that you will want to contact Seagate directly and ask them if they have a work around. Or, check their site for an upgrade\patch for these formats.

    The other item to review is the VB 6.0 viewer that you are using. The same format conversion availability issues are present for VB 6.0 as older CR versions. MS has changed the 'under the hood' format and it is possible that you will have continued problems with older versions.
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