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    Quite new to access so please bear with me.

    Looking to store data of warehouse volumes, forecasts and actuals in two tables by category. Example of actual structure below:

    Date Actual_F/VegActual_1B Actual_2 Actual_3 Actual_Chill Actual_1A
    28/12/2003 12581 5984 0 0 0 0
    29/12/2003 10370 8368 11892 18345 23902 11164
    30/12/2003 15427 5729 14320 21394 27006 7994

    My problem arises with the dates. Although the structure will be the same the data will be unique for the date. I currently have the date entered for each table which i understand is wrong.

    Can i set up a date table with an ID (primary key?) and then delete the dates in the existing tables but insert a Date_ID column which i relate.

    Is this correct to stop me entering data twice? Currently have a form that only show one date.

    I am getting confused as to how to overcome this problem.



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    it's not too clear what your trying to achieve.

    anything is possible but you need to be clearer on what end results your trying to get.

    are you trying to identify volumes stored on specific dates?

    if so you may need to change you database design.



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