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    Exclamation Unanswered: Suppress Blank Lines

    hai to all,

    I want to create a report for purchaseorder in the following format.

    In Report tblPurchaseOrder, tblTerms two tables result should come.

    I had create report using these two tables. I create group as purchaseorder No. wise. Each purchase order starts new page.
    here what my problem is in my terms table

    i have allowance, size, portdestination. suppose allowance field null means the label and the space should suppress
    now i can suppress the label using suppress formula isNull{tblterms.allowance}. but the line doesn't go up. These details i put in the group footer

    for example
    Allowance :
    Size :
    portdestination :

    if allowance field blank means the allowance label get suppress but the result shown is

    [Blank space]
    size :
    Portdestination :

    i also tried Format -> section in that i check the Remove blank space check box. but i failed. pls help me it is very urgent.
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    Hai Priya,
    Create a new section(right click in left corner of details section and choose insert section below). A new section will be created where you can palce the feild allowance. Then format that section to suppress if allowance is null.


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