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    Unanswered: Image Copy Contention with SHRLEVEL CHANGE

    I have a image copy running against a table with 64 rows. Another process periodically reloads/refreshes the table using a "Delete from" followed by 64 inserts.

    Once in a while, I get an abend due to contention between these two jobs. the Image copy completed, the refresh job abended.

    I thought that an Image Copy using SHRLEVEL CHANGE would do a "dirty" read and just copy what was in the table at the time. Not cause a problem with contention by locking out other jobs.

    Why do I get contention?

    REASON 00C9008E
    TYPE 00000200

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    Do you have WHERE clause in your DELETE FROM? If not and the target object is a segmented table space, SHRLEVEL CHANGE does not allow you to concurrently execute this DELETE. You must include WHERE clause.

    Cheers, Bill

    ps. See DB2 Utility manuals:

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    Thanks! I'll try that.

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