Hey all,

We are proud to announce that the highly anticipated monthly MVP contest is currently running at WebmasterLingo.com

Im sure you will agree that the prizes are great!

For example the prize for the first place is valued at around $275, and the second place prize is valued at around $100. This is the first occurance of this contest and we will be sure to make this contest more interesting with every month to come. Hopefully, this contest will be a monthly occurance and the stakes will rise accordingly.

Thats great, but how do I win?

If you are interested in participating in this competition, all you have to do is take part in our community. Its that simple! The members that contribute the most to the community will take the two winning places. The winners will be chosen by the management team as well as the members of our community. There will be a poll to allow our members to voice their nominations for the contest winners.

For more information please check here:

See you there!