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    Unanswered: disabling a control on a subform in continuous view

    I have a project form. Each project has one or more agencies displayed on a subform in continuous view. I would like to disable a control B if the control A is equal to "N/A". The problem I am having is when the 1st agency's Control A is set to "N/A" the control B is disabled in all records not just the one that was set to "N/A". Any ideas?

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    That is correct. This is the way MS Access continuous forms are designed. There is no easy way to set a different property value at the record level on a continuous form short of some very creative programming (which is beyond my ability but maybe someone else would have some suggestions there)

    What I've done in the past is use the "On Current" event to dynamically enable and disable the field but not set any visual properties so that the user doesn't see all the fields being disabled.

    TIP: "disabling" AND "locking" a field will not change the look of a control where just "disabling" a field will change the look.

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    As access_dude says you can effectively lock the field when the person clicks in it by having OnCurrent for N/A.

    You can also colour the foreground with out clicking.

    I have a tabular form for a diary and Sundays show in Red and the other days in Green.

    Quite simple. I have two fields that exactly overlay and the top field has a transparent back ground.

    D1: IIf([Wday]=1,[Days],Null)
    D2: IIf([WDay]<>1,[Days],Null)

    D1 is bold red long date and D2 is bold green long date.


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