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Thread: oracle 7 clob

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    Unanswered: oracle 7 clob


    I am trying to create a clob column in an Oracle 7 database. I was led to believe that Oracle 7 supported clobs (which I intend to use to store xml documents).

    my code is equivalent to

    CREATE TABLE test_tab
    ( col_id number(10) primary key,
    col_text clob not null) ;

    however when I execute this I obtain an error

    col_text clob not null)
    ERROR at line 3:
    ORA-00902: invalid datatype

    Do I need to switch on clob support in Oracle 7 or is my code wrong?

    Sorry I am no dba and my oracle experience until now has been with versions 8 and 9.


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    Oracle did not provide LOB support til Oracle 8.0

    There is nothing in Oracle7 that enables LOB support.

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