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    Unanswered: TCP/IP error after upgrade to 7.2

    I have just upgraded from db2 6.1 to 7.2. I get this error in my
    db2diag.log. Was not getting this error befor upgrading.

    ================================================== ====
    2004-06-01- Instance:crprod Node:000
    PID:50502(db2tcpcm) Appid:none
    common_communication sqlcctcpconnmgr_child Probe:98
    DIA3208E Error encountered in TCP/IP protocol support. TCP/IP function
    "accept". Socket was "48". Errno was "76".
    ================================================== =====

    Running DB2 7.2 / Fixpak 11 on AIX 4.3.3

    Any ideas where to look this up or what is wrong with TCP?



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    Found it....

    Known problem on AIX DB2 Version 7.1 if there are multiple processors. A workaround does exist: db2set [-i instance name or -g] DB2TCPCONNMGRS=1

    If the problem is occurring on AIX, please obtain AIX APAR IY17704.
    Further Explanation:

    Multiple connection manager processes are trying to be created to listen for incoming connections on the defined TCP ports. This is being done to split the work of allocating agents and ports for incoming connections. However, it is causing problems with DB2 if there are multiple processors. The workaround forces all connection requests to be funneled through a single process instead of the default (which is based off the square root of the number of processors rounded up).

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