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    Unanswered: Index Error using Access and ODBC

    I am having trouble getting Access to open and view Filemaker .fp5 files via ODBC. I continue to get a message refering to "too many indexes on table". I am new to Filemaker, but from what I can tell I turned off all indexes in the Filemaker file. Am I missing something else?

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    Index Error using Access and ODBC

    Microsoft Access can read only 32 columns (fields in FileMaker) at time. Try to split (if it would be possible) your FM database in two relationship databases (each with maximum of 32 fields). And then import those databases as two tables in Access - and make the same relationship.

    Furthermore, you can make in Access a query (append table) where you can join those tables in one table (database).

    FileMaker 7 has the same limit, but I've found that is possible to get more of 32 fields at time.

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