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    Unanswered: Subform record synchronizing

    Ive been able to build my database quite easily with the help of this forum.
    But now I have to admit Ive hit the wall.

    Im using SubjectList -list box to choose the record I want to add the value. The problem is that instead of adding the value to the record that is currently highlighted by the list box, the value is actually inserted to the next record. For example if you choose fifth subject and select some value for it with option group and then click the sixth subject is there. And if you then click back to fifth subject there is no value stored because it went to the next one. Is there something I need to refresh or requery to get this working. Or would it be better to come up with some other way to store these values into the table.

    Oh, and one thing yet. There is three subjects that need to have six options instead of normal five. Should I use two different option groups for these and have the right one visible with each subject. Or one group that has the sixth radio button visible/unvisible depending on the SubjID. How can I accomplish this?

    All help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    You might try to put this line into beforeupdate event of listbox. it will check if the data in the record is changed, if it is changed it will try to save it to database.

    if me.dirty then me.dirty=false

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