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    Cool Unanswered: Informix upgrade & migration

    Hi All,

    My company is currently using Informix 7.3 in HP-UX (9000 series) and my boss plan to upgrade to Informix 9 in IBM-AIX. Does anyone done these before ? There are few issue here :-

    1). Is IBM-AIX os is much better than HP-UX or is it the best os for Informix 9 in Unix box ?
    2). Does Informix 9 support all the syntax in Informix 7 ? If not what are the not supported syntax ?
    3). Is it possible to backup or extract my Informix configuration and port over to the new os ?
    4). I do use fglpc, so do I need to create a new runner with custom c functions ? Is there any more function which is affected and can someone advice what else need to be create ?
    5). Can someone advice which is the best method for database migration ?

    Does anyone know where can I get good information about all these ? Can someone point me to the correct URL ?

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    Wink Upgrading

    Your boss is making a good choice to upgrade but I can't comment on the AIX move. We run on HP and have run on AIX but got off of it years ago.

    You will not be able to upgrade from one O/S to the other. Your best bet will be to upgrade on HP to 9.4, unload your data (use HPL). Install the same 9.4 version (9.40.FC4 is latest) on the new AIX system. Recreate your DB on AIX system and reload with HPL. This is the very simple answer since I do not know the size of your DB, number of tables, type etc. By doing it this way if you can make use of the large chunk support you'll have it. You can't just upgrade and it be available. Don't forget the new SDK and RECOMPILE!

    The only 2 things I can think of that you will not be able to do is use onstat -g sql if you are a user and not Informix. IBM claims they did this for security reason but then tell you the way around it is to allow your users to be in the Informix group. Please don't do that. The other is you can no longer install to a link but must specify the actual path. Not an issue just aggrevating.

    You can just ftp your existing configuration file but I would not use it. Just like with any major upgrade it is best to use the generic config that comes with it and put all your changes in it. that way you do not miss any of the new parameters.

    Here are a few of the new 9.4 features:
    Buffer Cache mgmt - significantly changed for heavy OLTP environments.
    Large Chunk Support - the old 2G limitation for IDS is gone! Max chunks is now 32,767, and each can be 4 Terabytes. Wow. This change also affects load/unload utilities. Database capacity is now 128 Petabytes.
    Many changes to Replication (HDR & ER can be used together)
    SQL changes
    New Btree scanner to remove the single btree cleaner performance limitation.
    Many changes to onstat and oncheck.
    Major page header changes (that internals stuff).

    Hope this helps a bit.


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    I have happened through this experience and I can suggest some things to him: It must consider that both platforms are different, since HP uses the size of page of 2 KB. and IBM-AIX of 4 KB.
    The suggestions are:
    1) Debera to do export and import of the data bases.
    2) Recompiler all the programs and possibly must alter some.
    3) Test within the programs the call to commandos of the operating system since some varian slightly.
    4) It will have to again arm runners dividing of the source program in 'C'.

    Good luck !!


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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the reply.

    DBAGirl - Can I know why you switch from AIX to HP ? And how you feel about HP, is it much better compare with AIX or is it the other way round ?

    gurey - Is it AIX is much better than HP ? Was the informix 4gl program run faster in AIX ?

    The reason my boss switch to AIX is because IBM-AIX can provide a better service than HP which I don't think these is my issue. My main problem is my user always complain that the system is slow like a snail. Some time even snail can walk faster than the CPU. I'm not a DBA but only a informix programmer the DBA had quit the company and a fresh grad is taken over the DBA job which know nothing about DBA.

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