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    I have a form with 2 tabs in one tab there is a datasheet view of the table and the second tab has the details. The second tab displayes the details depending on which record you select in the first - this all works fine. My problem is that once I choose a record and look at it's details from there I want to move to the next record or previous record (numberically) without changing back to the first tab. Can this be done or is it one funtionality or the other ?? Any help or ideas appreciated. I have had a look at the Recordset Clone feature but I think my problem might be that I want to move thru all records in the table at this point so I mean the next id in the table. I have code in the ONCurrent event that enables me to display the correct record depending on the rec selected in the first form does this make the recordset just that rec ?

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    Hi livvie

    I have used the DoCmd to move records in open form that do not have the focus ie

    DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataForm, "frmMaterialsList", acPrevious

    This command being in a buton_click in the frmMaterialDetails form and then requerying the current (frmMaterialDetails) form to get the correct records.

    I feel sure this can be done with your tabs etc. with a little trial and error (and help files), thats how I do it!

    HTH & Good Luck


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