I am using Redhat 9, Perl 5.8.0
My problem is that I want to create password protected pages in CGI.
I tried .htaccess but it is for directory level security. In my project I can assign each user access on per file basis. I think this could be solved using 'session variables' but I don't know how to do that in cgi (I know how to do it in ASP). I tried using Remote_user env variable. But how to make this value pretain to all pages.
In short what I want to do is
1. User will encounter login page first.
2. I am storing user name password in mysql table.
3. If user name password r correct user will login.
4. Each user have unique user_id.
5. I just want to pass this id to every page.(using session variables)
6. Every program also has unique program id.
So I will then check that perticular use has access to that program_id or not.

So my problem is on step 5.
Can u pls help.