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    Unanswered: Memory Allocation Error


    I'm running MySQL server 4.0.15-standard with RedHat 7.0 and MyODBC 3.51. I wrote a C program that uses SQLBulkOperations to insert data into the database. I got the following error when I ran my code:

    SQLState: HY001
    Native Error Code: 4001
    [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-4.0.15-standard]Memory allocation error

    I searched online and the only thing I can find relating to memory allocation error is changing the max_allowed_packet variable. I changed the variable to 16MB. As a side note, I do not insert anywhere close to 16MB of data into the database at a time!

    Does anyone else had the same problem or know how to fix it?



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    Hmm, I looked and looked and still can't find an answer.. until..

    Until I looked at my code carefully and it seems that it's not a MySQL memory problem. It's my user defined packet format, my data wasn't conforming to the packet format properly that's why MySQL was getting all confused w/ SQLBulkOperations.

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